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Starting & Charging System Repair at Butler Automotive

Today’s auto starting & charging systems are getting more and more intricate, and the need for professional care is more and more necessary. Your car or truck’s starting & charging system consists of the:

  • Battery: Before replacing any battery due to a failure, always have the battery and the car or truck’s electrical system tested for proper functioning. Replacing a dead battery only to have another shortly after due to a weak alternator or a drain on the system is not only frustrating, it can also be expensive.
  • Alternator: The alternator produces the electricity used to maintain battery storage charge and to help run all the electrical accessories, including the ignition and the engine control systems. With the demands placed on the system by heat and by other electrical devices, like high powered stereos, running lights, etc., the alternator and battery are highly stressed components of your vehicle’s electrical system. The average alternator now usually lasts 3 to 4 years, which is why a prematurely dead battery may actually be caused by a dead alternator. A thorough diagnosis of the alternator and the electrical system by a professional is the best route to find the root of the problem.
  • Starter: The last major electrical component in your car’s electrical system is used only a few times a day but is the single largest power user. Replace the starter as a unit and have the electrical system checked by a professional at the same time to prevent further problems.

Your car or trucks starting & charging system should be completely checked and tested every two years or whenever serviced for any type of drive ability problem. Many problems associated with day-to-day drive ability are caused by voltage variations so charging tests must be the first step in diagnostics. When you experience any of these problems, come see us – your local auto starting & charging system experts – for repairs!

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